Fabius Town Board Meeting Minutes

Picture along route 80
Topics Discussed: Hydrofracking committee report; Highway driveway quote; Memorial Day parade; FACC sign; Ambulance services; Employee handbook.

Mrs. M. Vilardi, Supervisor Mr. J. Conway – Councilmember
Mr. B. Ellis – Councilmember Mrs. P. Riker – Town Clerk
Mr. P. Schlicht – Councilmember Mr. W. Virgil – Highway Supervisor
Mrs. D. Foster, Councilmember Mr. T. Chartrand – Bookkeeper
Mr. R. DeMore – Town Attorney
Absent: Mr. R. Drumm, Zoning Officer
Others present: Mark Levy, Bill Weichert, Phyllis Robichaud, Sandy Beglinger, Helen Little, Velda Ward, Dan Dwyer, Dick Dennis, Mike Reidl, Eric Exelby, Marguerite Dormer.

The meeting was called to order by Mrs. Vilardi at 7:00 P.M.

Hydrofracking Committee: Mr. Weichert gave a brief update. They attended several meetings around the area and traveled to Bradford County in Pennsylvania to witness the results of Hydrofracking in that area. They learned that the heavy trucking necessary for Hydrofracking causes extensive damage to local roads, with the repair costs falling solely on the individual towns. Further, the workers seem to travel from state to state, which means no new jobs for the local town’s residents. Also, the traveling workers bring campers to live in which fill up parking lots and the sides of roads during the entire Hydrofracking process. The committee also commented that the noise level is probably equal to that of a jet engine, running 24/7 in the town. They attended a meeting on 5/17/12 with Mr. DeMore, Mrs. Vilardi and attorney David Slottje. Mr. DeMore drafted a 1-year moratorium which he would like to submit to County Planning when they meet on 5/30/12. After the County approves it, the Town can pass it and it then goes to Albany for filing, at which point it becomes effective. There will be informational meetings on 5/24 and 5/31 at the High School. A short form Environmental Impact Statement is required before enacting the moratorium. Mr. DeMore read the Impact Statement questions to the Board and completed the Statement. He suggested having someone that is pro-hydrofracking address the Board to get a better sense of both sides of this issue. Motion by Mrs. Foster, seconded by Mr. Conway, to hold a Public Hearing on May 31st regarding action on the extended moratorium. Motion PASSED – Ayes – 5, Nays – 0. Voting aye – Vilardi, Foster, Ellis, Conway, Schlicht.

Assessments: Mr. Dennis questioned the process of raising assessments. Every several years a revaluation is required by the State. Mr. DeMore briefly explained the process and outlined the course of action if one were to grieve their assessment.

Motion by Mr. Schlicht, seconded by Mrs. Foster, to approve the minutes of the last meeting. Motion PASSED – Ayes – 5, Nays – 0. Voting aye – Vilardi, Foster, Ellis, Conway, Schlicht.

FINANCIAL REPORT: Mr. Chartrand gave a brief report, explaining that court fines are down a bit.


HIGHWAY REPORT : Mr. Virgil received $246.96 from the Fire District and $597.75 from the school district for fuel reimbursement. Suit Kote gave a quote of $9,400 for a slurry seal on the driveway at the Town Garage.

Regular Town Board Meeting May 21, 2012

Alternatively, the Town can buy the materials to oil and stone the area, performing the work themselves, for $3,687. Mr. Virgil said he will be needing a transmission for one truck.


Memorial Day Parade: The parade will begin at 10:30 am with Bob Penoyer as the Grand Marshall, Lt. Col. Jason Wallace as the speaker, and the late Charlie Shea as the honored veteran.


F.A.C.C.: Doug Mapstone will be giving a quote to light the sign at the Community Center.

Ambulance Service: Mrs. Vilardi will be speaking with Mr. Tom Herlihy, Smith Ambulance and Tully Ambulance.

Employee Handbook: Mr. Levy has drafted a handbook and will email it to the Board members for review.

Motion by Mrs. Foster, seconded by Mr. Ellis, to pay the bills on Abstract #4 in the following amounts:

Highway Fund Vouchers 46 through 56 $ 7,641.71
General Fund Vouchers 114 through 139 $ 12,255.33

Motion PASSED – Ayes – 5, Nays – 0. Voting aye – Vilardi, Foster, Ellis, Conway, Schlicht.

The next Town Board meeting will be a Public Hearing to be held on Thursday, May 31, 2012 at the Fabius Area Community Center, Fabius, New York at 8:00 PM.

The next regular Town Board meeting will be held on Monday, June 18, 2012 at the Fabius Area Community Center, Fabius, New York at 7:00 PM.

Motion to adjourn at 8:07 PM made by Mr. Schlicht, seconded by Mr. Conway. Motion PASSED – Ayes – 5, Nays – 0. Voting aye – Vilardi, Foster, Ellis, Conway, Schlicht.

Respectfully submitted,

Margaret M. Riker
Town Clerk

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